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I could tell you how long I've been on the internet, but I don't remember, or care. I could tell you that I love food, but I don't. I love certain types of food, but not all food. I could tell you that I love music, but I don't. I am a fan of certain artists, and the majority of popular music just pisses me off. I could tell you that I watch a lot of TV... actually, that one is true. Just not reality TV. That shit is boring. My current hobbies are trying to create things out of leather - and screwing them up horribly - and trying to build electronics - and failing miserably. As always, I read fantasy and science fiction. A lot. Anything else you don't need to know.

Road Rule #6 – Following distance is not important.

So last night – early this morning? – I went for a drive. The drive started out well, weather was alright, amazingly oncoming traffic was (mostly) turning off their high beams, and there weren’t too many people travelling in the … Continue reading

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Well that sucks. (Arduino Stereo Part 2)

Well I received my RN-52, got it all soldered up, and hooked up to my laptop for the initial setup. Once I figured out that I needed to hit enter after entering a command, I got everything set to start … Continue reading

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From Tablet to Microcontroller (Arduino Stereo Project Part 1)

Continuing on from yesterdays post about my car stereo, I explain how I came up with this crazy idea. The first thing I found when starting on the idea of building a car stereo from my Arduino, was that the … Continue reading

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A Tale Of (First World) Woe

For the past couple of years, I’ve been looking for some solution for my in-car audio that does exactly what I want. When I  bought my Thunderbird, I eventually bought a Bluetooth enabled stereo (a Pioneer DEH-P700BT) to replace the … Continue reading

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I (insert activity) This, So You Should Too.

Every once in a while, I watch a TV show, and feel like posting a recommendation or condemnation of it.  I get that feeling after some movies as well.  Music, yup, feel like that as well.  Restaurants, not so much, … Continue reading

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For fuck sakes why?  Why do people believe that by changing their profile pictures they’re doing any fucking good to a cause?  Honestly, it does nothing.  The latest fucking brilliant idea from some idiot using Facebook?  Change your profile pic … Continue reading

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Road Rule #5: Blocking traffic on a corner is perfectly all right.

I’m surprised that I haven’t written this one before, because this is one of the most common abuses of the law that I see.  When you make a left hand turn on a lighted intersection, there has to be enough … Continue reading

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Interesting. A Recipe Website for the Lazy Bastard.

As many of you know, I love to eat.  What I spend on food in a month could feed a family of four for the same time period.  What I hate is cooking.  I get distracted when I’m cooking, I … Continue reading

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I added this app for (insert charity here) and if you support it, you should too.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people making their status updates on Facebook about how they support this or that charity.  And it annoys me.  Now, most people can see that I don’t update my facebook status that often, … Continue reading

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Road Rule #4: Whoever is behind you is far more important than you are

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything on the road that was Road Rule worthy.  I blame the lack of driving lately.  But I saw one last month (Jesus I need to update more often).  Well, was involved … Continue reading

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