Road Rule #5: Blocking traffic on a corner is perfectly all right.

I’m surprised that I haven’t written this one before, because this is one of the most common abuses of the law that I see.  When you make a left hand turn on a lighted intersection, there has to be enough room for your vehicle without blocking cross traffic if the light turns green for them.

Here’s the scenario.  You are facing north at a lighted intersection.  You want to turn west (left), but traffic on the cross street is heavy.  If you make the turn now, you will be blocking eastbound traffic.  If you wait, traffic might clear enough for you to get in before the light turns red, but it might not.  What do you do?  A) Turn.  Screw eastbound travelers.  B) Be courteous and wait to see if traffic clears.  (Hint:  your answer had better be fucking B, or I’m coming after you with a bat and an air-horn. )

This is one of the only times I’m thankful for the Thunderbird.  You block my ability to move when the light turns green, your getting a nice long blast from my horn until you move.  And the Thunderbird’s horn is rather loud.   I think literally scared the crap out of a small Asian woman in a large SUV once because she did just this.

Learn to drive people.


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