For fuck sakes why?  Why do people believe that by changing their profile pictures they’re doing any fucking good to a cause?  Honestly, it does nothing.  The latest fucking brilliant idea from some idiot using Facebook?  Change your profile pic to your favourite childhood cartoon character to raise awareness of child abuse.  Really?  Do you really think that is going to do anything?  Is it going to make a child abuser go “I shouldn’t smack the shit out of my kids because people on Facebook are more aware of child abuse”?  Is it going to make a victim of child abuse go “I get the shit kicked out of me by my parents/guardians/siblings, but it’s OK, because Facebook users have changed their profile pics to some stupid character from a cartoon”?  No.

All it does is give some fuck-wit that wanted to see how many people s/he could get to follow along with them changing their pic with some spurious reason an ego boost.  If you want to do it, at least make a donation to a victim support group, because showing your support for the cause without actually doing anything to support the cause is ridiculous.  Changing your profile picture doesn’t give any money to the people actually helping the victims.  It doesn’t help the police catch the fucks that abuse the kids in the first place.

And yes, I have covered this before, but more people are following along with this than any other “Support this cause” action I’ve seen on Facebook.  And it annoys me to no end.  It gives the people that start these stupid things the idea that they are actually helping the cause, when in reality they are just trivializing it.  It becomes the fashionable thing to do.  “Support” a cause with no further actions than a couple clicks of the mouse and no money out of pocket, time spent mentoring the victims, or any other meaningful activity to help with victims of child abuse.

No meh.  Stop being stupid.

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