I added this app for (insert charity here) and if you support it, you should too.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people making their status updates on Facebook about how they support this or that charity.  And it annoys me.  Now, most people can see that I don’t update my facebook status that often, because if you really want to know what I’m doing at any particular moment, pick up your phone and use it for what it was originally intended for.  Phone me.  If I’m busy, I won’t answer.  Leave a message and I’ll probably phone you back.

Now, I don’t really begrudge people supporting various charities, I think it’s great that they do.  So long as they actually support the charity and don’t just pay lip service to it.  This one update I saw was for a image overlay that put the breast cancer pink ribbon over your profile pic.  Free.  Just to show the world that your on board with the breast cancer concern.  Here’s my question though.  What the hell good does that do?  Yes, you’re announcing to the world that you support breast cancer research.  Have you given any money to help fund that research?  Is putting that ribbon on your profile pic donating anything to the cause?

The physical ribbons I can (barely) understand.  You pay for a product, the charity takes the profit from that product and applies it to research.  You get something to shame other people into supporting a charity.  Oh… I mean raise awareness.  But to put a ribbon on your profile pic?  What for?  You’re essentially paying lip service to something far more important than a boost of your ego, and trivializing it at the same time.  It becomes fashionable to have this on your profile pic.  And all fashions go out of style at some point.  I can’t help feeling that this is making it worse, not better.  I don’t have the overpowering urge to go donate money to your charity just because you have something that cost you nothing to say that you support that charity.

In fact, the only thing I feel like doing is slapping you upside the head.


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